When I launched a new career in the commissioned based sales field, I was uncertain of how to present successful sales seminars. I contacted Rise to the Challenge Consulting for help. Denise was approachable, listened to my needs and was very enjoyable to work with. Together, we created a verbal script and visual aids for my sales presentations. As a result of this preparation, I have achieved the highest closing ratio in the sales office. I owe a good deal of my success to Denise; the sales presentation and organization skills she taught me have been invaluable as I reach new heights in my sales career.  — Anne Swartz



Without Denise, I would not be in my current position as a Firm Administrator at a well-established Bradenton Elder Law Firm. As a Paralegal with over ten years of experience, I consulted with Denise for guidance and she was able to empower me and guide me to helpful resources and networking to help me sharpen my soft skills thereby empowering me in new career. In the development of my role as Firm Administrator, Denise has provided helpful feedback in the areas of leadership, time management and team building. I look forward to continued success in my new path and I am thankful I can rely on Denise’s assistance throughout my journey. — Ruth Preisser