Benefits of the Conscious Aging Program

Research Based: For decades, the Institute of Noetic Sciences has conducted research, created educational programs, and engaged in community conversations on transformations in consciousness. In 1997, a multidisciplinary team of researchers initiated a series
of studies on the process of worldview transformation. The goal has been to understand the process by which people experience fundamental shifts in perception that alter how they view and interact with themselves and the world around them. In particular, IONS investigated factors that facilitate the kind of worldview transformations that result in people’s increased sense of purpose, meaning, and prosocial behavior. We published our findings, at length, in the book Living Deeply which describes common elements of transformation across a variety of traditions, while affirming and supporting the diversity of approaches across religious, spiritual, scientific, academic, and cultural backgrounds. These practices assist elders to avoid becoming trapped in fear, limitation and lack related to the stresses of the aging while enhancing those practices that help us grow in wisdom and wholeness.

Time Tested: Conscious Aging workshops have been tested around the world in many different settings including retirement and assisted living facilities, churches, community centers, senior centers, park and recreation departments, complementary healing clinics, private practice groups and more. The program has been tested rigorously, for over seven years, to ensure a workshop series that works well in a diversity of settings and communities.


Conversational Style: The workshop centers on a conversational café style where everyone has an opportunity to speak. Participants are encouraged to relate to the various topics covered such as forgiveness, self compassion, surrender, life review and creating a new vision for aging from their own subjective experiences. This, combined with the research based inspirational ideas from the workbook, creates a robust and engaging workshop.


Workbook: Each participant in the workshop receives a workbook that ensures standardized and discerning content is delivered. The workbook functions as a writing journal, offers inspirational material on a variety of topics and provides many rich suggestions to further self study and find additional resources on topics covered.