Tomorrow is Leap Day!

One year = 365 possibilities ~ Leap year = 366 possibilities.

Once every four years we are fortunate enough to receive a 24 hour gift- one extra day of possibilities.

Think about this, if you were born on Leap day and you lived to be 100 years old, you would only experience Leap day 25 times during your entire 100 years on earth!

We experience all sorts of other occasions (such as: birthdays, anniversaries and holidays) more frequently over our lifetimes and we plan for and find reason to celebrate those occasions annually. Why don’t we make a bigger deal over Leap day; a day that happens only once every four years? I would speculate that most people don’t make any special plans for Leap day, breezing right through the day, just like any other, without a thought about the gift of an extra 24 hours added to their lives.

Leap day is a day of unlocked potential. Take advantage of the gift you have been given. After all, you might not be lucky enough to be on this earth to experience Leap day when it comes around again. Leap day is a full 24 hours to do something exciting, daring and extraordinary; or at the very least it can be a chance to just do something different from what you do every other day.

I ask you, what is it that you plan to do with your 24 hour gift on Leap day – a day of possibility?